What You Should Do BEFORE Building A Career

I was in a storage closet on a 5 minute break from a job that drained me and I was asked a question that changed the course of my career… “What do you love?”

Let me rewind; I was offered a free coaching session by a career coach and I jumped at the chance to talk to someone who could paint a better future for myself. I had been working at Time Inc. as an administrative assistant for Parenting Magazine for about a year. It was a fantastic job for a girl fresh out of college but it was draining me. I was an ad sales coordinator for a powerful ad sales executive at Parenting in San Francisco. I was in charge of making her spa appointments, lunch dates, and RFP’s for clients… don’t even ask me what RFP’s are because I was horrible at them ha. I was horrible at this job because it turns out I’m not administrative at all. If I knew more about myself and my giftings at 22 years old I would have known that I’m naturally a creative that thrives making her own rules and creating things that inspire.

So back to that conversation I had on the phone with that career counselor in the closet at work… It was a conversation that changed the trajectory of my life. If I were to stay in that job I could have moved up in the corporate world but I would never know that fulfillment that would come from going to graduate school, becoming a marriage and family therapist and entrepreneur and having a flexible schedule that allows me provide for my family and be a mother at home.

That conversation changed is all for me. My answer to her question was that I wanted to help people. I told her that I loved art and working with others. It was so clear that being behind a desk was not for me. It might be exactly suited for you but for me and my personality it was depression inducing. So I quit my job and moved to Southern California (back to where I had more friends) and took the next step that made me curious. I worked at Surfer magazine for the next year while I researched classes and course and developed a plan that lead me to enrolling in a graduate program for psychology.

So let me as you some questions….

What things in your life now are pulling at you?

What do you want to be?

Think of what you want your life to stand FOR instead of what you want IN life. I believe the things you want in life will flow to you when you are in your passion and calling.

This leads me to… What You Should Do Before Building A Career:

  1. Take some time to reflect on who you were as a child. What things gave you joy in childhood? For me it was creating, performing and achieving.
  2. Take the enneagram! Seriously this test helped my marriage more than years of therapy and helped me understand the way I view life and my husbands as well. It helped me know more about myself and my talents; how I shine and highlighted my shadows as well.
  3. Take time to think about what lights you up NOW! What things spark curiosity in you today. You might need to pivot in your career or shift the way you do things in order to get back into alignment of who are are and what you are called to do.
  4. Identify what drains your energy and what feeds your energy.We are made up of atoms and atoms are continuously giving off, and absorbing, light and energy, all the time. It doesn’t stop even when we sleep. Every cell in the body has its atoms lined up in such a way that it has a negative and a positive voltage, inside and outside. So every cell in our body is a miniature battery. So think of what fills your battery instead of draining it?
  5. Identifying what fills you up, sparks joy and lights you up like a Christmas tree because that is probably your PASSION. That may morph and change a bit along the way but the core of your passion will be the same. Your passion is what makes you tick but also what sustains you when things are challenging. When you identify this in your life and make choices from a place of knowing what drives you then the path you want to take opens up. Not the path you think you should take or the path your parents wanted you to take or the path that you think will make money but the path that was made for YOU. Knowing this will save you invaluable time that can be put towards living the life you WANT.

Check out episode 49 of Sure Babe Podcast and hear how two previous clients identified their passion and turned their side hustle into their dream career.

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