You Can’t Do It All…


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You can't do it all

One of the most freeing things I did in motherhood was letting myself off the hook of having to do it all and be it all! When I decided that I didn’t need to be the mom that makes homemade baked goods for the PTA meeting (heck or even go to a PTA meeting) or the mom that balances her kid’s macros in a bento box, I became more of the mom I am supposed to be. The mom that sometimes flies by the seat of her pants, wings it, loves her kids hard, takes care of herself so she’s able to jump on the trampoline and the mom that cares about her children’s health in other ways.

You can't do it all

I guarantee you if you’re a mother reading this that there is no other mother like you. You are unique and so are your children; even more reason to throw out the “perfect mom playbook” that seemed to be created the day the internet was invented ha ha. Parents are much more conscious today than ever about how they parent and it can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The underlying theme that parenting consciously presents is that we all want what’s best for our children.

I’m a busy mom with often times too much on her plate and sometimes the guilt gets to me when I see another mother parenting in a way, I deem better or healthier. But here’s the thing, we aren’t them and they aren’t us and there are many ways to support your family’s health and wellness. Besides comparison is the thief of joy so don’t stay in the scary place long.

You can't do it all

Recognize why you are comparing yourself and then course correct if you need to. One simple way we support our kid’s health is by giving them safe and effective supplements from Nature’s Way KiDS. The kids’ line is specially formulated for children and has gone through the same rigorous testing Nature’s way is known for. Nature’s Way KiDS is made with

high quality ingredients, beneficial formulas, and delicious flavors our kids love. Their new line of KiDS supplements is legit an amazing way to kickstart their wellness journey. From a daily multivitamin, Happy & Healthy Multivitamin, with added immune support to a Brain Builder made with plant-based DHA, choline, and phosphatidylserine.* Nature’s Way has been a trusted brand for over 50 years and each product is made with an emphasis on quality and safety so I don’t have to worry and research my way into the abyss of the internet black hole.

I know your goal is to raise happy and healthy kids because that’s my goal and if you’re still reading this than you are my people ha ha… but sister you have to put the oxygen mask on first. You have to BE the example of someone that values their own health and wellness so the littlepeople watching you model it and never feel bad for taking care of themselves.

I encourage you today to do something that makes your mind and body feel good and consider Nature’s Way KiDS as part of your children’s wellness journey!

You can't do it all

With hope and healing,



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Keep bottle out of reach of children. Follow all label recommendations for age-specific dosing. Instruct child to chew gummy thoroughly before swallowing.


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