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I encourage others to live their fullest life through unfreezing patterns of trauma, fear and shame.

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I’m Chrissy Powers. I’m a wife, mom, therapist, podcast host, writer, and eternal optimist. I live and work in San Diego, CA. My husband and I have been in an 8 year process of working, saving, designing and building our dream home when COVID-19 hit and threw some heartache and challenges on our dreams but we have so much hope and faith for the future. We’re doing our best to raise good empathic humans: Waylon (8), Zeke (4) and Ruby (2) who keep us very busy!

I do a lot of things and figure it all out as I go. I used to think that was a negative thing but through my own personal work I realized that’s part of what makes me unique. I love helping others come into their authentic self through my course work, coaching, therapy or just reading a blog or Instagram post. 

You can find the Powers fam usually at the beach, riding bikes, or traveling up the CA coast! We’re so happy you’re here.



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The Powers Family
The Powers Family

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