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“Slow down, rest and heal through experiential therapeutic practices, group therapy and somatic embodiment work. Learn more about the Divine Feminine and yourself. Heal from core wounds with other likeminded women and experience yourself and the world in a new and sacred way.

“Healing, Travel, Adventure and Sisterhood… In 2020 I fell in love with experiential therapy while at a training with Onsite Workshops. I’ve always loved travel so I combined a healing experience for women to go deeper into the work of becoming their true self while being held and witnessed by likeminded, safe women in a beautiful place.”

– Chrissy Powers

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Chrissy has coached me through major transitions in my company and life. Through her coaching, I feel more empowered to make inspired leadership decisions, have better clarity on my goals and am more knowledgeable on how to set clear boundaries to allow for more work-life balance. I highly recommend Chrissy as a Business Coach.

Melanie Michaud

Owner Thread + Seed ThreadandSeed.com

Chrissy opened a whole new world to me. What began as a curiosity & nudge after seeing her wild ass Instagram posts, turned into an incredible healing journey for me!  I love how she integrates embodiment work, meditations, and book recommendations into our sessions. These tools not only allow me to go deeper between sessions, but I am able to refer back to them when needed. Ultimately Chrissy created a safe space for me to engage with the belief systems that were no longer serving me & and this healing continues to change my life! I can’t recommend her enough, especially for anyone who is stuck!

- Jess M.

I LOVED Chrissy’s non linear movement class. I wasn’t sure what to expect and started the class unsure of what to do, but her thoughtful and affirming words helped me attune to my body and guide me through the movements. As the music changed I felt my mind start to calm and became more focused gaining clarity on my mindset for my business and felt my attitude change from overwhelmed to overcoming obstacles. As my thoughts wandered, her words helped me to move through some creative blocks. I can’t recommend this class enough and look forward to her next class. 

- Devon

The Joshua Tree Retreat

September 28th – October 1st

Isle of Palms South Caroline Retreat

November 2nd – 5th