If I could wear one brand for the rest of my life it would probably be Madewell…my love for them runs deep. Madewell makes the Francophile in me very happy. Their designs are classic but cool, simple and chic and make a gal look effortless. Let me preface this style post by saying that I don’t think of myself as a fashionista at all. While flipping through the Madewell catalog I saw a girl wearing these rad overalls with no shirt and a blazer to top it off! The eternal optimist in me thought, “hey I could try to pull this off”…whether I did or not I had fun trying! Also it should be noted that I walked into my local Starbucks like this pushing my son in our dirty, well loved BOB stroller and got some interesting looks by the mens meet up out front. Not quite sure if they were approving or disapproving, but I think I successfully pulled the rebel mom look off!

If you’re interested in these delicious overalls or any of Madewell’s well crafted denim head over to for 30% off all sale styles with code: PICKMEUP.


MadewellMadewellunnamed copyXS4A3346-X2XS4A3237-X2MadewellXS4A3510-X2Madewell

Overalls: Madewell  // Shoes: Vintage // Bag: Ixchel // Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Bralet: Urban Outfitters // Tee: Vicarious Clothing Co. // Woven Necklace: Made by me

What Waylon Wore:

Le Petit OrganicLe Petit OrganicXS4A3079-X2Le Petit OrganicLe Petit OrganicLe Petit OrganicLe Petit Organic

Pretzel Shirt: Kira Kids via Le Petit Organic // Harem Pants: Nico Nico via Le Petit Organic // Moccasins: Potato Feet // Kerchief: Fresh Bib

Images by Kendal Riley

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