I started a podcast! It’s called Sure, Babe!

Hello podcast world here I come! You guys this is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, but I put it off because of oh you know time constraints and learning all the techie stuff that goes with it. It became so clear to me that this was a project I needed to make time for so I youtubed everything I needed to know about podcasting, asked anyone I knew that had a podcast for advice and started asking questions and recording…. I’m still learning so bare with me on any less than perfect sound issues.

I came up with the name “Sure, Babe” while climbing into bed one night thinking of what I would call my podcast and sharing yet another “big idea” with my husband and his response was….”sure, babe.” I said, “thank you you just gave me the name of my podcast!” Sure, Babe represents the nuances of marriage and relationships and the idea that you can do anything you want and be who you really are. This podcast is all about marriage, parenthood, career and creating the life you want to live. I hope through listening and getting to know the people that I interview you find wisdom, joy, laughter, career advice and feel less alone.

Here are the details on episodes 1-4!

Episode 1: Being Known & Knowing Yourself ~ In this episode I share thoughts about what I’ve learned from my past and how I’m learning to integrate all the parts of myself. I walk you through one of my greatest tools called “safe place visualization” and help you recognize all the parts of who you are and how to let them be known by yourself and the world. If you’d like to go deeper into this topic write down any memories from childhood or your past that seem significant and then ask yourself how they might be related to who you are today.


Episode 2: Balancing Work and Motherhood While Putting Your Heart Into Your Business and Social Media Platforms With Ginger Parish ~ In Episode two I interview blogger and hat shop owner Ginger Parish. Ginger is the curator of theparishplace.com and gigipip.com. In this episode we talk about being authentic online, staying a soft person while still putting ourselves out there. We talk about processing difficult emotions like jealousy, judgement and mom guilt. Ginger also mentions an article she read called, “Tricky People” and how it helped her teach her children to identify unsafe adults. You can click here for that article. 😉 Ginger is the real deal and an inspirigng mother of 3 boys…she wears many hats and even sells them too! You can follow her on Instagram @gigipip and @gingerparish.I started a podcast! It's called Sure, Babe!


Episode 3: Getting Unstuck in Life, How to start a food blog, The Best Rosé and Finding the Perfect Pair of Vintage Levis With Bev Weidner

In this episode I talk with Bev Weidner of Bev Cooks. We discussed how she started her food blog, got of of job she felt stuck in and how she balances work life and motherhood. Bev is the funniest woman on Instagram, down to earth mother of twins, blogger at bevcooks.com and host of “mom wins” on the Food Network.com. You’ll love this episode because we jump right into real conversation and end with Bev’s rosé recommendations and her tips on finding the perfect pair of vintage levis. I know you’ll love her as much as I do. Oh and for that info on where to find the perfect vintage Levi’s click here.

You can find Bev at bevcooks.com and @bevcooks on Instagram and everywhere else. I started a podcast! It's called Sure, Babe!


Episode 4: Career transitions, launching a small business, and letting go of perfectionism with Natalie Borton

In this interview I sit down with one of my dearest friends and talented jewelry designer Natalie Borton. In this episode we discuss how I went from Natalie’s fan girl to friend (I kind of stalked her in Costco), how she started her writing career and transitioned to designing and owning her own jewelry line. We also discuss balancing marriage and motherhood while working from home and dive deeper into both our past history with eating disorders. I know you’ll get so much out of this episode and probably feel less alone in your struggles and encouraged to go after what you want in life! If you’re struggling with an eating disorder accepting that you have a problem is the first step and finding help is the next. You don’t have to do this alone. Here are a couple of my favorite websites that help people struggling with eating disorders: ANAD A Future Worth Fighty For +  Something Fishy. If you want to hear more from Natalie and honestly who doesn’t? She can be found at natalieborton.com and @natalieborton on social media.I started a podcast! It's called Sure, Babe!







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